About Us

ZSPEC Design was forged out of our passion for customizing our personal cars to be unique and to obtain products we personally wanted for our own vehicles that didn’t really exist in the market.  Thus, ZSPEC Design LLC was formed in 2014, though product development started in in early 2013.

As owners (in our case) of Datsun and Nissan Z cars, we really wanted to have more “dress-up” options to finish up the engine bays of our vehicles.  From 240z to 370z, the market had pieces and parts, but no one company really was addressing the aspirations we had for aesthetically pleasing products that weren’t “branded with the product manufacturer’s logo.  Last we checked, when enthusiasts started to “advertise” an OEM’s logo on their car there tended to be a sponsorship involved.  So with several ideas in mind and this underlying notion of creating “Simple Innovations” to beautify our personal cars, development began.

It all started with the 300zx Z32 platform as we happened to own several.  We popped the hood and looked at the various “chromed” OEM products and aging/rusting OEM parts and nuts/bolts and figured there had to be a better way.  Our “Ultimate” engine bay fasteners were the result of tearing down our own vehicles and mapping out replacement fasteners (for non-load bearing components) to dress-up the fasteners in our engine bays.  This included the adoption of (A2) stainless steel fastener solutions for the Z car which over time spread to most of the models in the Nissan Z family.  We then designed and launched our own series of finish-washer solutions machined from billet aluminum and anodized in a number of bright glossy colors.


Over time, we started working on replacing some of the rusty steel brackets under-hood with custom ZSPEC-designed solutions.  Our battery hold-downs, battery cable bracket, fuel filter brackets and coil bracket replacement solutions emerged and we are continuing on our quest to dress-up engine bays beyond the Nissan Z platform into other makes and models.

Our vehicle/model-specific kits are considered the most comprehensive on the market today.